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Iran asks Poland for help over nuclear deal ditched by Trump: report

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Grzegorz Siwicki 12.06.2018 11:40
Iran has asked Poland for help at the United Nations over a nuclear deal that Tehran made with the international community three years ago and which was ditched by America last month, according to a report.
US President Donald Trump. Photo: EPA/JIM LO SCALZOUS President Donald Trump. Photo: EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

The Iranian ambassador in Warsaw has appealed to Poland’s authorities to persuade the United States to "respect international agreements," public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency has reported.

International sanctions on Iran were lifted after global powers in 2015 struck an agreement under which Tehran agreed to restrictions on its nuclear programme.

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from that deal last month, calling it deeply flawed.

Trump said he did not believe the deal was preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons, IAR reported.

The news agency said Trump made the decision despite repeated reassurances from the International Atomic Energy Agency and the US Department of State that Iran was complying with the deal.

Meanwhile, the Iranian ambassador in Warsaw, Ramin Mehman Parast, has appealed to Poland’s authorities for mediation, according to IAR.

During a press conference in Warsaw, he referred to Poland being a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council since January, IAR reported.

The news agency quoted Ramin Mehman Parast as arguing that direct negotiations with the Americans were pointless for Iran and that his country wanted Poland, in its role as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, to urge the United States to respect and enforce decisions endorsed by the UN.

The Iranian ambassador was quoted as saying that Poland, as a council member, had a duty to uphold international law.

IAR quoted him as saying that Iran supported Poland as a candidate for a non-permanent place on the council.

He added that Iran expected Poland to safeguard the world order that the Security Council and the United Nations as a whole have created.

Trump’s decision to pull America out of the nuclear deal with Iran has been criticised by the European Union and its leading member states, including Britain, Germany and France, IAR reported.

Western European countries have argued that the agreement is the best deal possible and that it effectively prevents Iran from producing nuclear weapons, according to IAR.

Poland’s authorities have also expressed concern over Trump’s decision to leave the multilateral nuclear agreement with Iran, IAR noted.

EU nations have been working to preserve the deal and ensure Iran gets enough economic benefits, according to reports.

Trump’s move has only been praised by Israel and Saudi Arabia, two countries for which Iran is a deadly enemy, IAR said.

Poland is in a tight spot between Washington and Brussels over policy on Iran, according to a report by Poland's Rzeczpospolita newspaper.

Two US government officials visited Warsaw on Friday to communicate the White House's expectations of Poland after Trump ditched the Iran deal, Rzeczpospolita has reported.

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said in late May that Poland would demonstrate an understanding for the American position on Iran within the European Union.


Source: IAR, Rzeczpospolita

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