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Teacher salaries near bottom of class

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Peter Gentle 22.10.2014 10:01
Polish teachers earn far less than their counterparts in other OECD countries.

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When recalculated in US dollar purchasing power units, Polish teachers' salaries end up at the lowest position among OECD countries. This means that the value of goods that a person can buy for their monthly earnings is much lower that that in other economies.

The comparable value of the average Polish teachers monthly earnings is 2,090 dollars, while in Luxembourg, the top country in the table, it is 8,476 dollars. Switzerland comes second with 6,461 dollars and Denmark is third with 5,340 dollars.

In the US, teachers earn 4,436 dollars monthly, according to this calculation and in the UK the figure is 4,326 dollars.

The average Polish teacher is a 42-year-old woman with a monthly salary of 3,913 zloty (926 euro) gross, according to a report compiled by Money.pl.

The figure is 63 zloty lower than the average gross salary in the country.

The remuneration depends on the teacher's experience, certified within a national system. An apprentice just out of university earns 2,717 zloty (643 euro).

By climbing further steps in the system, a teacher increases his or her earnings to 3,016 zloty (714 euro), 3,913 zloty (926 euro), or even 5,000 zloty (1,183 euro) on the average in the case of the most experienced pedagogues.

Poland has altogether 650,000 teachers, 265,000 of whom work in kindergartens. (kw)

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