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Government revises sustainable energy bill

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Nick Hodge 26.11.2014 08:19
The government’s draft renewable energy bill aims to significantly stimulate sustainable energy production in Poland, including the development of ‘microgeneration.’

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Under the revised bill small-scale renewable energy producers, defined as those who have a capacity of up to 40 kW, will be guaranteed to receive 100 percent of the market price for the electricity they generate.

The previous version of the bill guaranteed only 80% of market price for small producers. In addition the price will now be updated every three months, as opposed to every half-year under the unmodified bill.

Individuals who produce renewable energy will also be able to use ‘net-metering,’ where the energy they produce is offset against their electricity bills.

The government first prepared a bill on renewable energy two years ago, though due to frequent revisions it was only presented to parliament for discussion earlier this year.

The bill will also implement tenders for producing green energy, with the firms and individuals who offer the lowest costs eligible to receive guaranteed support for 15 years, though no longer than 2035.

An exception will be made for offshore wind plants, which can receive support until the end of 2040.

The cost of the bill is now estimated at 4 billion zlotys a year, the majority of which will be passed onto consumers through a ‘renewable charge’ added to their electricity bills.

Despite recent investment in green energy Poland still produces around 90% of electricity from coal, which is hampering its efforts to meet EU targets on reducing CO2 emissions.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak commented that the bill also has geopolitical aims as renewable energy could help reduce dependence on Russian gas. (sl)

Source: PAP, Onet.pl

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