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Mars and Venus in Poland: what they splash out on

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Paweł Kononczuk 13.02.2018 14:52
Men owe more money to banks than women in Poland, but women owe more to loan companies, according to a report.
Worth going into the red? Polish men turn to banks for money to buy cars
Worth going into the red? Polish men turn to banks for money to buy cars Photo: DariuszSankowski/pixabay.com/CC0 Creative Commons

Men owe banks PLN 62,100 (USD 18,350, EUR 14,870) on average, while the figure for women is PLN 57,700, the report said.

Meanwhile, women owe PLN 4,500 on average to loan firms, while men owe around PLN 4,000.

The figures come from a report by the National Debt Register (KRD) of the Economic Information Bureau, a private company which provides information about overdue debt owed by individuals and companies.

Homes, cars and whims

Men in Poland commonly borrow from banks to buy a home or a car. Meanwhile, they borrow from loan firms “on a whim: for an expensive home cinema system or a new smartphone,” said Adam Łącki, CEO of the National Debt Register.

“Increasingly, men are also borrowing to buy a motorbike, and then motorcycle accessories," Łącki added.

He said that women most often borrow smaller amounts to buy new furniture and home accessories, to cover unexpected bills or current expenses.

"There are also spontaneous purchases: a loan of PLN 5,000 for trousers and a handbag with the logo of a well-known designer," Łącki said.


Source: PAP

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