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Batch of Katyn files handed over to Institute of National Remembrance

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John Beauchamp 07.07.2011 12:09
Head of the Presidential Chancellery, Jacek Michalowski is to hand over eleven files on the Katyn massacre to prosecutors from the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) today.
Photo: IPNPhoto: IPN


The hand-over comes as files were sent to Warsaw from Moscow on 7 April this year. The files contain documents drawn up by the Russian Military Prosecution looking into the Katyn massacre in 1940, when over 20,000 Polish officers were murdered under Stalin’s orders.

The transfer brings the total number of Katyn files in Poland to 148 out of a reported total of 183 investigative files.

Thirty-five Katyn files are still waiting to be declassified by Russian authorities, including a decision to drop the investigation, a key document thought by the Institute of National Remembrance to contain factual evidence of the Soviet NKVD murders over seventy years ago.

The Institute of National Remembrance has been trying to gain access to the Russian documents to conduct its own investigation into the Katyn massacre of 1940.

The Polish-led case has been ongoing since the end of November 2004 and is run by the Warsaw-based Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation. (jb)

Source: IAR

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